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    Picture of Air Horn 1.4Oz - No 1414

    Air Horn 1.4Oz - No 1414

    Loud enough to be heard up to one mile away and small enough to stow anywhere, this air horn is great for deterring animals or emergency signaling if lost. It utilizes an easy to operate push button.
    Picture of Blanket Emergency - No 8235

    Blanket Emergency - No 8235

    A compact, lightweight blanket made from aluminized, non-stretch polyester. Stays flexible in freezing temperatures. Reflects body heat back to body. Wind and waterproof. Also known as a survival blanket, space blanket, first aid blanket, thermal blanket or all weather blanket, The Coghlan’s emergency blanket is essential survival gear for emergency preparedness.
    Picture of Bug Jacket Size M - No 0057

    Bug Jacket Size M - No 0057

    The ultimate protection against mosquitoes, wood ticks, deer ticks and no-see-ums. Features a fine No-See-Um Mesh made from 100% Polyester. Flame retardant, lightweight and keeps you cool. Elasticized drawstring waist and cuffs. Zippered at the neck for easy access to the face. Jacket is unisex and sizes are measured by weight.
    Picture of Camp Shower 5Gal - No 9965

    Camp Shower 5Gal - No 9965

    Lightweight, non-toxic PVC Camp Shower stores enough water for 3 - 4 showers. Compact and easy to use, includes cord for hanging.
    Picture of Candle Citronella Tub - No 9806

    Candle Citronella Tub - No 9806

    Fits Coghlan’s Candle Lantern #8506 and similar Alpine style lanterns. Each candle burns 4-5 hours. Citronella scented
    Picture of Cast Iron Camp Cooker - No 0744

    Cast Iron Camp Cooker - No 0744

    Our robust, heat resistant cooker - the Cast Iron Camp Cooker - can be nestled right in between those hot coals for toasting the perfect pies, sandwiches or grilling meat.
    Picture of Cast Iron Double Broiler - No 2046

    Cast Iron Double Broiler - No 2046

    Coghlan’s Cast Iron Broilers are great for cooking all sorts of foods from snacks to main courses to dessert. Made with pre-seasoned cast iron for cooking over the heavy heat of campfires or barbecues. The open slots on each side of these broilers let grease escape. These Broilers are made for cooking burgers but are also great for cooking chicken, steaks, veggies, and much more. Removable handles and the open-hinged design make the Broilers easy to take apart and reassemble for simple cleaning and convenient storage. The stay-cool wooden handles and locking s-clips ensure that your cooking experience is comfortable and hassle-free. Handle Length: 20.4" (52 cm). Instruction and recipe book included. Weight: 4.5 lbs. (2 kgs.). Complete length with handles: 26.3" (67 cm).
    Picture of Citronella Candle - No 9075

    Citronella Candle - No 9075

    The pleasant aroma of Citronella. Handy emergency candle.